How long has it been since you dedicated a morning or an afternoon only for you?

Now you have the opportunity to do so with this promotion:

Lunch or dinner at El Mall restaurant + a 30-minute massage + a 60-minute session in the water zone of our Spa.

Customize your massage at our Spa, you can choose from:

  • Anti-stress: a relaxing massage that works the neck and shoulders through acupressure, designed to find a moment of peace in your day.
  • Aromatherapy: a massage where you are surrounded by the aroma of our natural fragrances. It works on muscle tension and improves back circulation.
  • Padabhyanga: massage that works legs and feet through a pressure point therapy with the aim of revitalizing the internal organs of our body.

Promotion price: 60 euros / person (VAT included)

Contact details for reservations:

Phone: 934 268 255